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Debt Collection

At O’Brien Law – Lawyers, we are experienced in providing a broad range of debt collection services. In some cases, a letter of demand will result in payment, in others it is necessary to pursue the matter through the courts and take steps to enforce judgments.

Debt collection and related services

We can tailor a program to your needs, taking into account the type and volume of debts to be recovered, the need to preserve personal and commercial relationships and whether you are taking action for financial or other reasons. We can pursue single medium or high value debts, or conduct debt recovery programs to recover multiple low value debts.

Our debt collection and related solutions commonly include the following:

  • pre­-legal actions ­such as searches, telephone calls and letters of demand;
  • issuing court proceedings;
  • applications for substituted service ­ if a debtor avoids service; a court order is obtained for service by other means;
  • where proceedings are not defended, we can obtain judgment through the court registry without having to appear in court;
  • appearance in court at dispute resolution proceedings and at trial in defended matters;
  • issuing statutory demands for undisputed debts where a corporation owes at least $2,000
    sequestration order (bankruptcy) ­proceedings where a debtor owes at least $5,000 and a judgment has been obtained;
  • applications to wind up insolvent corporate debtors;
  • examination of judgment debtors or directors of corporate debtors;
  • enforcing court judgments;
  • arranging for private investigations of debtors to collate necessary evidence;
  • providing training services and conducting seminars on legal requirements for debt collections; and
  • reviewing or developing your agreements ­and trading terms to protect your business against bad debts.

At O’Brien Law – Lawyers we have a team of lawyers experienced in providing debt collection and related services. We tailor our approach to your needs to ensure to add value through the provision of our services. We can assist you at any stage of the debt collection process from writing a letter of demand through to obtaining and enforcing court orders.

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